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Daim has a new website! We sat down with the 3D Style Maestro from Hamburg and did an interview about Graffiti, Getting Up, Taping and many more!

It’s been pretty quiet around you, especially new wall productions from you can only be seen rarely. What has happened in recent years, how are you?

I cannot say that it calmed down but there had to be a kind of consolidation. After turbulent years with many trips, exhibitions and projects in which I was also often involved in the organization, I needed a stage of concentration on my own artistic work. This meant to me quite clear to focus on few but renowned projects and exhibitions. I wanted to get back a feeling for where I stand with my work as an artist and also as an active writer in the graffiti scene.

For example, by the Urban Discipline exhibition series and the published books, there were times when you had to ask yourself if you are leading more an event agency or a publisher than being an artist. But basically it was always clear in my mind that my artistic work has to be the focus and I have shifted my efforts in recent years to that effect again.
I could focus on the stuff that is important to me, develop new forms and methods and take part in first-class exhibitions.

The new generation probably knows less about you. Daim is standing for probably the world’s best 3D styles. Hardly anyone will disagree with that. But how has Daim started and got down to what you are doing now at last? Such skills are not found on the street?

Well, it certainly started at the age of 15 with listening to Hip Hop music, noticing the first graffiti in the city, drawing the first styles and then two years later grabbing a can for the first time. And of course there was the attraction of belonging to a small special group of people who adapted this new “culture” from America. You are feeling to be someone special. It never occurred to me at the beginning that I’m doing arts or even being an artist. But since I’ve drawn and painted a lot in a short time it became clear to me very quickly that this would be a prospect for my future life.

But the development of an own style doesn’t work only by talent. Rather it’s the effort to go out again and again and actually realize ones ideas. Since I could already live from orders after finishing school, having a car available soon and also the necessary time, I managed to work out something influential quickly. But of course I would never have succeeded in this way without the full support of my parents.

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Source: I Love Graffiti

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