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(Q) How long have you been taking photos of graffiti & what interests you to do so?

(A) I’ve been photographing graffiti since 2004.. I like it for a few reasons.. Mainly, I dig the art.. I’ve always loved art that’s bold and colorful and so graffiti really fits as a subject for me.. Another thing is the “treasure hunt” aspect of shooting graffiti: exploring through so many interesting abanonded buildings, tunnels, city streets and wherever else is a challenge and a lot of fun.. Finally, I definitely enjoy the technical and creative process of the photography itself..

(Q) Do you own photo albums of actual prints or do you prefer digital??

(A) I shoot exclusively digital these days.. I don’t have traditional albums, but I think of Flickr as a kind of album and I guess I see my two books (Bay Area Graffiti & San Francisco Street Art) as albums.. I’ve also been experimenting with large prints lately.. It’s pretty cool to see the images blown up big..

(Q) How many photos are in your personal collection??

(A) I’m not exactly sure.. I’ve posted more than 8,000 photos to Flickr.. There are tens of thousands of graffiti photos in my personal collection..

(Q) Do you feel photography plays a major role in documenting graffiti culture??

(A) Absolutely, yes!! So much graffiti is gone within a few days or a few weeks.. Photography is the most important way the work is preserved..

(Q) Do you have any crazy stories or memorable moments while taking photos??

(A) Really, nothing too dramatic or crazy.. Exploring amazing spots is what’s probably most memorable for me.. I’ve learned that big spots usually don’t last for too long around here, so I always feel lucky to see and photograph them when I can..

Location: San Francisco, CA

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Source: Flickr

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