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(Q) How long have you been taking photos of graffiti & what interests you to do so?

(A) I’ve been taking photos for 5 years.. I originally started so I could have something to hang up on the walls of the recording studio I was using at the time..

(Q) Do you own photo albums of actual prints or do you prefer digital?

(A) Digital, all my photos are scattered across several hard drives..

(Q) How many photos are in your personal collection?

(A) 100,000 or so, although I don’t share all of them..

(Q) Do you feel photography plays a major role in documenting graffiti culture?

(A) Yes, but it’s a double edged sword.. It helps promote the art but at the same time people can get caught up in legal issues so you have to be careful..

(Q) Do you have any crazy stories or memorable moments while taking photos?

(A) I used a ladder to reach the rooftop of a building and while I was up top, someone knocked the ladder over and left it, so I had to climb down a water pipe.. I’m too big of a cat to climb down shit like that.. I’ll also never forget the time in East LA when a man & his young son let me use their lowrider bike for a few pictures in front of a Revok & Aroe wall.. It’s always nice talking to people on the streets when I’m out in the city..

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Source: Flickr

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