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The Daily Fix (Buddz 909)

(Q) How long have you been taking photos of graffiti & what interests you to do so??

(A) I first started in ’85 til ’92, then I stopped due to having no time to get photos, but I started back up again in 2004.. Graffiti blew my mind when I saw it in Subway Art, so I wanted to document what was going on in London at the time..


(Q) Do you own photo albums of actual prints or do you prefer digital??

(A) My early photos are all in photo albums but all my new photos are digital..



(Q) How many photos are in your personal collection??

(A) I must have about 9,000 photos, about 4,800 are on my Flickr account..



(Q) Do you feel photography plays a major role in documenting graffiti culture??

(A) Yes i do, Graffiti Art never lasts very long, some pieces only last a few hours due to the buff and toys taking out pieces, so it’s always good to capture the piece and share it with the world, and make it a part of graffiti history..



(Q) Do you have any crazy stories or memorable moments while taking photos??

(A) Not really, been to many dodgy locations over the years, old factories with needles laying on the floor, shitting yourself that a crackhead might jump out at you, been lucky so far..

Location: London, England

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  1. ROIDS is doin it man.. the steez is real fresh..

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